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Above the Clouds

Our Dogs

We believe the German Shepherd Dog is the most loyal companion and greatest protector a family can have and are proud to offer some of the world’s best imported working bloodlines.

Falco Pozor-edit.jpg

Falco Von Noble

Sire-Czech GSD

     Falco is large-boned, solid black in color, and has an excellent temperament and drive.  He is personal protection trained and is one of the most attentive and affectionate GSD's we have owned.  His devotion to our pack is unmatched.  We expect him to strongly influence his progeny with his devotion to his handler and pack, affection, trainability, size, and pigment.

Wolfe' CQB K9

Dam-Slovak GSD

     Wolfe' is a beautiful, compact, sable GSD.  She has excellent prey, play, and defensive drives.  An extremely intelligent, loyal, and loving GSD.  Her pedigree is excellent for producing serious working progeny with a taste for the work in all three phases.  She is from a structured breeding line of the Slovak Military Dog Program.  She is absolutely solid around children.  She is an excellent Dam, mothering her pups even after weaning.  She spends time with each pup everyday on her own, both playing and grooming.

     Wolfe' is a key part of our breeding program for her ability to produce excellent overall structure coupled with extreme working drive and versatile temperament, and imparts this as well as superior intelligence and problem solving ability into her pups.  She is a proven loyal family dog. 

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Falco and Wolfe with kids.jpg
Wolfe front-edit.jpg
Wolfe Pozor-edit.jpg

Puppy Litter B

Born:  September 29, 2021

Available:  December 1, 2021  

     This litter was whelped on September 29th, 2021.  There are 8 puppies available.  The litter produced 5 males and 3 females.  The coloring is a variety of sable and solid black, however that may change as they age.  They are all healthy and strong.  They are getting lot's of love and affection.


All of these puppies have found loving homes.  A personal protection dog and a diabetic alert dog (in training) have come from this litter.  We are very proud of these hard working pups!

Puppy Litter A

Born: December 29, 2020

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